13 Temmuz 2007

American Beauty

Let me put you an ideal form of life; you earn well, your spouse as well, both of you have successful career paths ahead, kind of bright future. You live in a beautiful apartment, probably out of the city, and have a nice car. You work hard at a multinational, and have a good network if possible. You attend some language or art classes, do sports regularly, go and see the must see movies and concerts, have your holiday abroad and renew your wardrobe each year.
So you are successful, trendy, busy, happy, sure and confident.
Or you are playing the role of your life, trying to achieve that ideal through all that long years, setting higher standarts as you get older.
Nobody's life is perfect, or expected to be. It is easier to be who you are, and to me it is completely normal to be confused and unsatisfied especially when you are young. I just don't understand how some people, who I used to know well, are so ready to get into roles that stand so much away from where I stand in life. I am not happy when I am not happy, what a pitty.

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jesterdvine dedi ki...

Well, I think I couldn't quiet get the idea of the narrator.

Oh, it may NOT have an idea to think of. And it's probably just a quote...

But I dunno. Well, I just wanted to learn and thats all.

Have a nice day dear overorange!

edgerunner dedi ki...
Bu yorum yazar tarafından silindi.
turumcu dedi ki...

Uhmm, you may be right, there is no exact point to get. It is merely the way I feel related to different ways people choose to live.
PS: Overorange does not really suit my name, don't you think?

jesterdvine dedi ki...

Doesn't "tupturumcu" refer to something which is coated in orange over its original orange color?

(TUPTURUMCU was in my mind while creating that word)(I really dunno about TURUMCU)

Well, thats not the case. And I thank you for the reply. :)